Virtual Dominion

First Responders and Remote Assimilation of Locations

It is true that most of your local first responders have not visited your facility. They have not wondered the halls, looking into every room with a floor plan in their hands to familiarize themselves with the layout. There will be a day when someone is in distress and needs a first responder to help them. Telling the 911 operator that you are in the second room from the purple conference room, by the coffee break room is not going to provide an accurate location. The boots arriving at your front door who have never toured your building have no idea where to go.

Now imagine this scenario a little differently. Your facility management hired Virtual Dominion to digitally create a virtual twin of your buildings and campus. Our Emergency Services Liaison has setup custom web portals with secure access for your region specific First Responders. (Fire & Rescue stations, and Law Enforcement) The entities now can spend time training by virtually visiting your entire campus. They will walk through the big red door in the back hallway, and enter the boiler room. In doing so they will see there is a large storage room used as an office and breakroom. If there is a fire they know they need to also clear this room of citizens, and not just the obvious rooms off the main hallway.

First Responders will incorporate this new SaaS Platform that securely hosts needed information and knowledge needed to help save lives at your facility, building, campus or factory.

 Increase location awareness!!!

Let us help you with your needs, and the needs of your facility users.